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Current Work

Bechdel Theatre logo - white bold text in the shape of a megaphone against a bright pink background
Bechdel Theatre is a Community Interest Company born from a twitter account I started in 2015 inspired by the Bechdel Test and work of Alison Bechdel.

Now co-run by me and Pippa Sa, Bechdel Theatre exists to support, amplify and connect people of marginalised genders in and through the performing arts.

Bechdel Theatre activities include audience engagement, performance events, social media, podcasting, blogging, stickers, and creative workshops.

More info:

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Bechdel Theatre Podcast

Twitter: @BechdelTheatre
Insta: @bechdeltheatre
Fb: @Bechdel Theatre
I perform as drag king Dan Load. Dan is a Kingspirational hype-man. His acts involve comedy, lip-sync and audience-participation, and he's a dangerously enthusiastic cabaret host.

Dan's performed at venues, festivals and nights including: Edinburgh Fringe, DIY Space, VAULT Festival, Omnibus Theatre, The Mighty Hoopla, The Southbank Centre, Camden People's Theatre, Lezfest Kennington, Boyznite in London and Oxford, Aberration at Aberystwth Arts Centre, L Fest Llandudno, and hosted the cabaret stage at the UK's first ever Bi Pride.

Watch Dan Load at The RVT.

Insta: @danloaddrag
Twitter: @danloaddrag
Queer Diary Logo - a rainbow bursting from a pink book
I host Queer Diary events where LGBTQ+ adults re-connect with their younger-selves by sharing extracts from their teenage diaries (and other writing) for a friendly queer audience, in the spirit of nostalgia, celebration, and queer solidarity.

More about Queer Diary

📓 Download the first Queer Diary zine to read​
🖨 Download the zine to print at home
(High-quality PDFs - may take a while to download)

Book to attend or sign up to read at Queer Diary

Insta: @hasbianshow
Twitter: @hasbianshow

Hasbian promo image - Beth making a scandalised face while holding open a blue book with a teardrop on the front
Hasbian is an autobiographical comedy show based on my teenage diaries. 

Hasbian is currently in development with funding from Arts Council England, and has recently been supported by Omnibus Theatre, Camden People's Theatre, Stanley Arts & The Pleasance.

More about Hasbian

Book for the next Hasbian performance

Insta: @hasbianshow
Twitter: @hasbianshow

Crocus is a new show I'm currently working on. 
Two self-declared “screaming fangirls” meet on a fan-forum in 2002. Over 15 years they stay in touch via changing online platforms, from forums, to Myspace, to Instagram. Despite only meeting a handful of times IRL, their friendship endures and deepens far beyond the shared fandom of a rock band they quickly grow out of.
Find out more about Crocus.
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