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A two-hander play about long-distance intimacy, queerness in public spaces, and the evolution of online communities - from the naive freedom of the 'early internet', to hashtags as social movements.

Two self-declared “screaming fangirls” meet on a fan-forum in 2002. Over 15 years they stay in touch via changing online platforms, from message boards, to Myspace, to Instagram. Despite only meeting a handful of times IRL, their friendship endures and deepens far beyond the shared fandom of a rock band they quickly grow out of.
Crocus combines in-person and digital mediums - reflecting the characters relationship, and uses a choose-your-own-adventure structure with a mix of scripted/improvised performance giving audiences the chance to influence the characters' choices as they become immersed in their story.

I began writing Crocus as part of the Croydon Emerging Writers programme. I've shared work-in-progress extracts at CREW Cuts online festival, (supported by Stanley Arts /Disentangle Projects) and at Matthew's Yard as part of Croydonites Festival 2022.

Listen to me talking about Crocus with Upper Norwood Library Hub.

Watch the CREW Cuts
 2020 scratch performance.

Crocus has been supported by:

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