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Queer Diary

Queer Diary readers from various events, collaged against a black background - they're smiling and cringing into the microphone as they share their teenage diaries. In the middle is the Queer Diary logo (a rainbow bursting from an open pink book in a blue circle), ranbow glitter is superimposed over the image so it looks like it's falling from above

Queer Diary: LGBTQIA+ adults read from their REAL Teenage Diaries, plus Poetry, Fanfic, and more...


After gaining a cult-following in London & online, Queer Diary is touring the UK, including a limited number of pop-up shows at Edinburgh Fringe


Hosted by Beth Watson since 2020, a different line-up at every event keeps queer crowds coming back for more! 


Expect: angsty teenage diary entries, long-lost love letters, fabulous fan-fiction, terrible Tumblr posts, and possibly the odd bit of cringey poetry 👀


Audiences say:

“It’s like that ‘Mortified’ podcast - but all QUEER!

“A joy to be part of”


“I’ve been 3 times! It’s always so affirming


"I haven't laughed this much in a long time!"

 Edinburgh Fringe 

Friday 18th: 14:10 - Pleasance Courtyard (Beside)

Friday 25th: 14:10 - Pleasance Courtyard (Beside)

We have a different line-up of Queer performers at EVERY show!

Can't get enough of hearing your fave LGBTQIA+ performers share their teenage diaries?

Wanna spend an hour immersed in queer memories?

Totally addicted to cringe? 


Come see us whenever you need a dose of nostalgia, solidarity & joy 🌈📖

A mix of handwritten text, type-writer font, photos, and bright crayon-style doodles on a graph-paper background. Text says: Queer Diary (with a heart dotted over the i) Edinburgh Fringe Live teenage diary readings from (grown-up) queers. Plus: Cringey Poetry, Thirsty Fanfic, Throwback Soundtrack. New line-up every show! Pleasance Courtyard (Beside) Fri 18 & 25 ONLY! 14:10 Photos show 8 different queer people reading into a microphone at Queer Diary, smiling, laughing, throwing hands up in the air, and face-palming, plus one photo of me (a white person with dark hair) showing my diary to the camera and cringing comically. Surrounding the photos are crayon scribbles, doodles of hearts, stars, flower petals, and wiggly lines in some very bright 90s-esque hues of pink, purple, blue and yellow, and a bright pink lipstick kiss-print. The info is on notepaper, stuck on with pink glittery bits of tape. The Queer Diary logo features - a circular sticker of a rainbow bursting from a pink book

Stay in touch!

Find us on insta, twitter, and facebook and contact us via

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Queer Diary is created and hosted by performer Beth Watson (who's currently writing a teenage-diary themed show, called Hasbian).


The creative producer is Josephine Shipp.



Interested in sharing something from your youth?


Limited spots may be available at Edinburgh shows - fill out our Edinburgh Fringe form to express interest!


Please use this form if you'd like to share something another time, outside of EdFringe.

Want us to bring Queer Diary to your area?

Contact Josie & Beth via - we're looking for more places to pop-up in future, so if you know a (queer, accessible) space that might suit Queer Diary, we'd love to hear from you!



For every Queer Diary show, we make a donation to a charity or organisation supporting

LGBTQIA+ youth, education, or community.

Buying your ticket helps us do our bit to support young queer people having a better time growing up than we did! 

For UK summer 2023 dates, we'll be donating to Just Like Us.

Please let us know if you want to come to Queer Diary but cannot afford it


Level Access to Pleasance Beside is via gentle ramp in backstage area, this area is non-public so please speak to venue staff or Info Shed for access.

All guest diary-readers are asked to Audio Describe their own physical appearance and anything they're wearing/holding when they arrive on stage.

Relaxed Show policies:

Audience are welcome to move around and make noise

Re-entry is welcome at any time.

There are no bright/flashing lights or full black-outs, and no sudden noises, special effects, or haze.

Stage lights will be on the performers, with the audience dimly lit (not in complete darkness).

The audience as a whole is directly addressed, in a stand-up/storytelling style. 
This includes being invited to take part in light interactions.
For example: 
Everyone's encouraged to cheer loudly to welcome performers stage, and react vocally to their material.

The audience may be offered a moment to talk to each other, or invited to voluntarily answer open questions from a performer.
All forms of interaction are gently offered, entirely optional, and participation is not required to enjoy the show fully. 
No one will be "picked on"!

For full information, including transport and seating options, please see The Pleasance's Venue Access Guide 

Beth holding an open diary with a page of teenage writing
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