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Queer Diary invites (adult) LGBTQIA+ people to read their REAL teenage diaries (or teenage poetry, fanfiction stories, tumblr posts, etc) for a live audience!

"It's like that 'Mortified' podcast, but ALL Queer!"

- Audience Feedback


Reading your teenage secrets might sound scary, but it can be hilarious, exhilarating, and empowering.


It can be nerve-wracking, but it's a wonderful chance to feel seen and recognised, to connect with your younger-self, and bond with other queer people.


It's also amazing to hear your own words alongside other people's. Some of our experiences will be eerily similar - but many are as vastly different as we all are from each other.


In sharing, we want to celebrate all of our queer coming-of-age journeys: Our moments of joy, discovery, resilience, passion. We also revel in the 'boring' detail! Sometimes a rush of nostalgia feels most potent when we're reminded of the banalities: What song we were listening to, what we ate for lunch, what the weather was like in the particular time or place of our formative years.​


"You'll find out you weren't as weird as you thought you were - or that we're all as weird as each other!"

- Participant Feedback


All upcoming Queer Diary events are listed here, on our Linktree.

You can also follow us on social media to stay updated:




"A joy to be a part of!"

- Participant Feedback

In 2020, Queer Diary events started on Zoom, supported by the QAF Space online queer community.  

Since April '22 we've been hosting monthly Queer Diary nights in London, at Common Press, Brick Lane.

We sometimes host Queer Diary pop-up events at venues and festivals across the UK.


We've recently visited:

Omnibus Theatre, Clapham (96Festival, 2021 & 2023),​ Stanley Arts, Croydon (Queer History Month, 2021), Matthew's Yard, Croydon (Croydonites Festival, 2022), Gala Theatre, Durham (Durham Pride, 2023), DINA, Sheffield (2023), Bank Vault Aberystwyth (with Aberration Events, 2023), Tom Thumb Theatre, Margate (2023), and Blundabus & Pleasance, Edinburgh (Edinburgh Fringe 2023).

When visiting new places, we love to work with local LGBTQIA+ organisations who support and connect local queer communities and people.

Email us if you'd like us to bring Queer Diary to your area.

"If a Queer Diary event was programmed on the moon, the most anti-capitalist queers would be befriending Bezos in hopes of securing a rocket ride"

- DIVA Magazine

How do I get involved?

Interested in joining in the fun by sharing something from your teenage years on our stage?

Fill out our sign-up form and we'll be in touch!

You can also drop us an email anytime.

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Got questions first?

The Frequently Asked Questions, below, are for anyone who may be thinking of coming to one of our events, or considering reading something on stage, but would like more information about Queer Diary first.

Don't forget, you can also always email us!

Queer Diary: FAQs

I don't have anything to share! Can I just watch/listen?

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