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Promo image for Hasbian & Queer Diary. A photo of young Beth: A white teenager with dark hair half-up in 'spice girl' style bunches, wearing a light-pink top with text that's not quite readable, some over-the-top purple pearl necklaces, a bright pink plastic ring, and a purple bit of fabric as a bracelet. Beth squints into the evening light. The backdrop is blue-purple fading into pink purple. The word HASBIAN is in a text reminiscient of a teen movie (think, Mean Girls) with 'has' in black, and 'bian' in bright pink. Underneath, the words '& Queer Diary' are in a more coral-ish pink, in a teenage handwriting with a heart over the i instead of a dot.

Hasbian/Queer Diary

producer call-out


£1500, equivalent of 3 weeks work, to be spread across March - May 2021. 

Exact working timetable to be discussed and decided.



This role would suit a producer with experience producing fringe theatre with an important community engagement element. You’ll be looking to develop a new working relationship with an artist who makes theatre and creates community spaces with and for LGBTQ+ people.

Due to the nature of this project I'm looking to create an all-Queer team. I use the term 'Queer' to include all gender/sexual identities under the LGBTQ+ umbrella, but particularly encourage applicants whose experiences and identities are less often represented on theatre stages and in 'mainstream' queer spaces.

This work will mostly take place online. If COVID-rules allow, and in the longer-term future, we may be working together in person, so you’ll need to be based in London, or easily able to travel.


(Full details below)

Application Deadline: 


Wednesday March 17th 2021.

This project is funded by Arts Council England, the short application window is due to recent delays in ACE response-time. 

To apply: 

Send your CV/website to Beth at including:

  •  A sentence or two highlighting relevant experience & what appeals to you about this project.

  •  An indication of your availability from now until May 31st.

Please also complete an anonymous Equal Opps form. 

This will help me to consider and evaluate the field of applicants that I’m reaching with this call-out.

All the questions are entirely optional.

The hiring process: 

I will have capacity to conduct a maximum of 4 interviews, but will reply to every email received with a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as soon as possible in respect of your scheduling. 

Once the job is accepted, a formal working contract will be agreed on and signed by both of us.

A brief outline of the project: 

Hasbian is a theatre show. It’s based on teenage diaries depicting the contradictory experiences of growing up queer in Brighton during Section 28. It uses humour & nostalgia to create a warm, fun atmosphere whilst challenging bi-phobia & creating conversations around the complexity of young queer identity and sexuality.

Queer Diary is a community-focused project. LGBTQ+ adults are invited to share their teenage diaries (or creative writing/love letters/poems/artwork etc.) with a live audience. It aims to create spaces for queer connection, solidarity, and fun. Every QD event raises money for an LGBTQ+ run charity or organisation that centres community, youth, and education.

I’m looking for an experienced freelance producer to work in collaboration with me for the period of this R&D, taking on organising and coordinating work, and helping to nurture and grow a clear vision for the future of this project. 

One of the key goals with this R&D is to begin building a strong working relationship with a producer, along with other creative collaborators.


If we find each other to be a good match, there’s potential that we could continue working together. In the long-term I’m aiming to take Hasbian from this R&D to its first full performances in London then hopefully a longer run and tour, alongside continuing to develop Queer Diary in new directions.




NB: 'More About The Project' and 'More About The Job' are PDFs with colours, pictures, and fonts that I find most accessible.


If you prefer a plainer text version, the Google doc linked below has all the key info, without the extras:

Need a different format?

If there's anything I can do to make this info more accessible, please email me.

Want to see/hear more before you get in touch?

📺 Watch some clips from pre-COVID scratches of Hasbian.
🎧 Listen to me talking about Hasbian & reading an extract of the show on The Coming Out Tapes podcast.
🎧 Listen to me talking about Queer Diary on Resonance FM  (interview starts at 19:22)
📓 Read the Queer Diary zine (high-quality PDF, may take a while to download)
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