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A promo pic for Hasbian featuring red shoes on a pink background and text: HASBIAN Now Hiring: Lighting Designer, Pleasance March 8-12. The shoes are varying styles, from left to right: plastic jelly sandals, reebok trainers (with red trousered legs standing in them), doc martens with red laces and gems stuck on the toes, sequined stilettoes with red cushioned insoles.

Who's your
'hasbian' crush?

Seeking a lighting designer for Hasbian at Pleasance March 8 - 12, with work taking place Feb 16 - Mar 8.

Due to the community-specific nature of the project and themes being explored in rehearsals, we are building an all-LGBTQ+ creative team, and only considering applicants that identify as LGBTQ+ for this role.


About the show

An autobiographical comedy about coming out as a lesbian, only to discover that boys are also appealing.

Hasbian is a solo show which uses real teenage diaries, music, and teen-movie actors from the early 00s to tell a story of growing up in Brighton (the UK’s Gay Capital) under Section 28 (a 1988 – 2003 law prohibiting the “teaching of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship”).

Hasbian will fill Millennials with buzzy nostalgia, while exposing queerphobia in the most liberal of cities.

Written & Performed by Beth Watson.

Creative Producer Josephine Shipp.

Funded by Arts Council England.


We're looking for an LGBTQ+ lighting designer for Hasbian's Pleasance run.

The show's design uses animated projection throughout, including projected captioning, so knowledge and/or experience of lighting that works with and complements projection will be beneficial.


Production meetings and rehearsals from Feb 16th with tech all day on March 8th.

We will not be expecting full attendance across the rehearsal process, but some availability across this period is required.



Flat fee of £600 to include meetings, rehearsal attendance, and independent work.

We want the amount of work you put in to be reflective of the fee available, and will be happy to discuss what this means about the level of work you can provide. 


To apply

Please email with your CV and website (if you have one), and a brief line or two about why you're interested in the project.

We only have a limited number of interview slots available so may not be able to speak to everyone depending on the level of response we have.


Applications close 5pm Thursday Feb 10th.

Interviews will take place 14 - 15th Feb.

We will reply to everyone whether or not you're offered an interview.

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Beth stands on a black stage, holding a blue notebook and talking into a microphone with an excited expression. Beth is a short white person with dark hair in a high ponytail, wearing blue checked shorts-style dungarees, a white t-shirt and red Doc Marten boots. At the back of the stage is a projection split into 3 jagged-edged irregular shapes, showing a picture of the rock band Placebo playing a gig against swirling lights. There is also a white stage block, about the right size to sit 2 people bench-style.
Beth stands on a black stage, behind a plinth, making an aggressive expression with teeth bared, and gesticulating as though giving a political speech. Beth is a short white person wearing blue checked dungarees, and a white t-shirt. On the wall behind Beth is a projection split into 3 jagged-edged irregular shapes, showing the face of Margaret Thatcher with a skull outline visible, and glowing, flaming eyes. Instead of hands, she has talons like a giant bird of prey.
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Image credits:

Promo photo (top) by Holly Revell.


Production stills (bottom) from a performance of Hasbian at Camden People's Theatre (2021) directed by Chloe Kennedy, filmed by Kristina Pringle & Milo Hutchings, featuring projections by Edalia Day, lighting by Harvey Nowak-Green, and dungarees by The Emperor's Old Clothes.

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