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Crowd of people (including Beth) around a Bechdel Theatre sign, all smiling at the camera.
Drag king Dan load on stage in bright pink light, wearing a black beard and a white feather boa and thrusting
Black and white photo of 6 people making a symetrical oval shape with their bodies and extended arms, in a rehearsal room.
Beth Watson: A white person with shoulder-length wavy brown hair, wearing a leopard print shirt and smiling in front of a light pink wall.
Beth against a bright pink backdrop, opening a blue notebook, looking scandalised with mouth open and one eyebrow raised.
Performer / Theatre Maker / Facilitator / Drag King
Hasbian - Press Image 1.jpg

Photo credits: Pippa Sa (portrait); Sadie Clark (ORGASM at Camden People's Theatre); Lyla Johnston (MANdemic by The Family Jewels at VAULT Festival); Tim Faulkner (Bechdel Theatre circle at Ovalhouse with The Thelmas); Holly Revell (Hasbian promotional images - blue diary & red shoes)

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