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Queer Diary 
What to expect?

Beth wearing a leopard print top against a pink background, looking nervously at a blue book with a teardrop drawn on the cover in biro. It's Beth's teenage diary!
Queer Diary invites LGBTQ+ people to read from their teenage diaries (or teenage poetry, or fanfic, stories, etc) in front of a live audience!

If you're reading this page, it's because you've signed up to share, or showed an interest in sharing something at one of our events. Thank you! We're really looking forward to having you at Queer Diary soon ♥️

The links below contain a more detailed outline of what to expect when sharing something on stage.


We hope this helps you feel prepared, especially if you've not been to Queer Diary before, or if this is your first time reading something on stage for an audience.

If you haven't already, you can also read/listen to our Queer Diary FAQs here

(please choose whichever format is most accessible to you -  the information inside is the same)
Beth holding an open diary with a page of teenage writing
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