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A photo composite collage showing 5 handsome but frightened-looking Drag Kings in matching lurid-yellow hazmat suits with bright red front-zips, cowering under the shiny bare legs of a giant woman wearing silver heels and a fluffy pink skirt.  They're superimposed against a futuristic-looking luminous blue and purple night sky, and a glowing grid-patterned ground like an old computer game.  Red and yellow text reads: The Family Jewels MANdemonium Thurs May 26 Camden People's Theatre. The theatre's round logo sits top left of the skyline like a strange red, white and green moon. The vibe is of an 80/90s pastiche of a 50s/60s pulp sci-fi movie. Think Attack of The 50ft Woman meets Earth Girls Are Easy. But make it drag.

Creative Tech support pal for
The Family Jewels MANdemonium
May 26 at Camden People’s Theatre


£150 + expenses*


To express interest:

Email to say hi.


About us:

We’re a drag collective who’ve been working together since 2018.

Members include some highly experienced regular performers, and some who’ve not been on stage for a year or more. Plus everything in between!


We’re re-mounting our show that sold out at VAULT & Omnibus Theatre in 2019-20 (originally under the name MANdemic) - updating the script for 2022 & re-rehearsing it.


All current members are performing in the show, so we need support from someone who won't be performing on the day.


At this stage, we'd like to work with someone who knows/has met at least one of us. This is because we can't afford to pay for more than a day of your time. Without a rehearsal period to build up trust/rapport, it's important that we feel confident working with you straight away.


The job:

  • Help us make & stick to a schedule for the day.


  • Support communicating with venue staff & complying with their rules & requirements.


  • Creative input, particularly on technical decisions.


  • Operate some basic aspects of the show, alongside the venue’s tech operator.



  • Available 2pm-9pm Thursday May 26th.


  • High level of organisation & confidence to lead us through a tech day.


  • Some skill or interest in theatre tech (lighting, sound)


  • Comfortable working with venue tech op to help make the most of our time/space.



  • Available to watch a dress rehearsal run-through before May 26th (likely an evening or weekend, likely in South London).


  • If unable to attend dress rehearsal, time to read the script/have a Zoom meeting with the company, to prepare for the performance day.


  • Experience working in cabaret/drag/queer performance.


  • Knowledge/experience of fringe theatre spaces, especially Camden People’s Theatre.


  • Some past experience or interest in Stage Managing (or similar role).


  • Familiar with our performance work, as a company or individuals.

5 drag kings stand on stage, under pink light, with hazard tape on the walls around them. They wear double denim and stand with their legs apart and their arms splayed, leaning at odd angles which suggest they're being attacked, or falling into a wormhole or matrix of some kind.


Pay for this job is from past performance fees/sales.

We have no grant funding for this show, are self-producing & performing on a voluntary basis.

If/when future funding bids are successful, we look forward to being able to recruit a full team of creative freelancers to expand our team through an open call.

For now we’re seeking help from someone within our personal networks, eg, a friend or acquaintance who’d like to support us, and enjoy lending a hand for a one-off day.

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